First Night in RV

We wanted to do a test sleep in the RV. Fiona wasnt with us. Remy had a tough night with stuffy nose had to come sleep with us in our "queen size" bed. We slept really bad. Second thoughts about our decision... Lol. Its gonna be fine once we get used to it. We didn't even use the restroom being afraid of when we have to clean it 😩. Kaleigh said lets sleep at home this week so we can pack and clean it up 😉. We have put away most of our belongings, rented a storage unit. Now we just have to find a buyer for our house and there is no going back after that. Going from 3200sqft to 200sqft we knew was going to be hard so we are Ok with the space. The RV is having some coolant trouble. We need to take it in to get that fixed. One piece at the time. 

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