We Did It 👍🏻

Vrapi's Motorhome

Vrapi's Motorhome

We Bought the RV.

Nothing can stop us now ;)

We had to to drive to Washington State to find our RV. Its funny how when you see the right one you know its the right one. Was a long day for us and especially the kids, but they did great!

It is a 2008 ITASCA Suncruiser 38T. It is 38 feet long and it has 2 slides. Has a nice fireplace which makes it really cozy. Double sided fridge with ice-maker. Washer-dryer combo which will be nice not to have to waste time at laundromats. The kitchen is big for an RV and is located at the front of the coach which is the only one we've seen with that layout. These are some of the major things we liked about it. One nice thing is the sleep number master bed :)

We weren't able to take it home with us today because they want to make sure everything works on it and is serviced and good to go. We are glad we were able to find RnR RV and our Sales guy,  Mac Matta, was an excellent sales person. 

We are going back next week to pick it up without the kids this time and do a 4hr orientation to learn everything there is to know about the coach. We also need to install a tow bar to tow our new car 2014 Fiat 500L. Need a breaking system put in also. One thing we have to wait to put on are the solar panels. They were kind of pricey for now but we are going to live in it for a bit and see. 

Thank you guys for watching our videos and keeping up with us on this crazy adventure we are beginning! It takes 2 crazy parents who have moved 22 times in 11 years together to do something like this. We just cannot stay in one place for a long period of time. Our last place Bigfork we settled for 6+ years and we changed homes 3 times. We are sad to have sold our business and super sad to sell our beautiful house, but life is about the Journey!

Thank you Family, old Friends and new Friends we are making through this Journey!

We love you guys! 

The Vrapis

sorry about the English! Kaleigh will have to proof read it at some point ;)

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